Today is the Day to Start Living

The Social Media Platform We have been Waiting For is FINALLY Here!

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Here is what makes The Mill different from others...

Chris Christie, Founder, and his Adventure Pup Kyli

The Why!

The Mill is about changing lives!  But let’s start with our own.  It is time for us to take charge of our lives so as we age, we share memories and not regrets!  I read a stat a few years ago that struck me like lightning – “86% of people in nursing homes share something in common…they all have regrets of things they didn’t do in their life.  I hate that and am on a mission to reduce or eliminate the number. 

It is an incredible feeling when you know that your actions have influenced another life in a positive way.  So, our Character Giving provides that feeling every single month.

When someone asked my years ago what my WHY was for starting this project my answer was simple.  I want to cry every day because I have influenced someone’s life in a positive way!

No Ads ~ No Spam ~ Lots of Positivity!

We have all had it happen to us!  We sit around with friends and family and chat about something that interests us.  Or, we jump onto Google and search for a random item to learn more about it and then BAM…our social feed is now inundated with unimportant ads!

Every day you jump onto any of the current social platforms, your data, and tendencies are sold worldwide.

Not anymore!  We are not here for your data…just your stories!

Get Inspired for New Adventures!

The quote by Clement Stone rings true with The Mill“You are a product of your environment” is what we hope to inspire.  The folks involved in The Mill, while coming from different countries, nationalities and many other things, share a common passion to live life TODAY!  The CHARACTER CAFE is where new social media meets tomorrow’s adventure!

In CHARACTER TALKS, we chat with the most amazing people who share the stories of adventures and experiences that shaped who they are today.

Be Inspired, Become Empowered!

Committed is a very strong word, but it fits here!  We are committed to helping you go on more adventures. Whether it is learning to ballroom dance in your living room with your partner, tackling that first 5K, or train to walk one of the grand hikes, our CHARACTER PARTNERS are there to help!



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Make a Positive Difference in the World

The feeling of inspiring someone else in a positive way which is what will happen in the Character Cafe when you share your adventures. That feeling is equal to the warmth of making a difference in the lives of others in an incredible way.

CHARACTER GIVING is a program where a percentage of every membership goes to a deserving non-profit organization.  In 2023, our focus was to support the incredible work of animal rescues around the country.  In 2024, our support will move to organizations that make it possible to introduce more young people to going outside on more adventures.

Imagine the power of a group when it becomes this focused!

If you know of an organization that may be interested in becoming a recipient for our CHARACTER GIVING program, please have them contact us.

Make YOUR Impact in 2024!

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