One Word, Untold Stories: Meet the People Defining Themselves


Character Talks: Where Journeys Begin with a Single Word

Forget buzzwords and trending hashtags. Character Talks dives deeper, unearthing the hidden vocabulary of remarkable lives. Hosted by Chris Christie, renowned Character Coach and founder of The Mill – your passport to new adventures and positive change – this podcast peels back the layers of extraordinary individuals, one transformative word at a time.

In each episode, Chris welcomes a guest who holds a word close to their heart. It might be a word they stumbled upon in a dusty attic, or one etched on their soul by a life-altering experience. It could be “GRIT,” the whisper that pushed a young adventurer to pursue her passions on the other side of the country. Or “Resiliency,” the gas that fueled a passion for helping others and learning more about themselves and the environment by an inspiring mother, teacher, and entrepreneur. Whatever the word, it’s a portal, unlocking stories of courage, resilience, and unexpected twists of fate.

These aren’t just interviews, they’re expeditions – journeys into the uncharted terrain of the human spirit. Listen as explorers map constellations with “Curiosity” as their compass. Hear artists create incredible music with a “Transformation,” their music unafraid to bare the soul. We’ll meet people who redefined “Compassion” after overcoming personal battles and stepping into themselves and entrepreneurs who built empires on the foundation of “Authenticity.”

But Character Talks isn’t just about the extraordinary. It’s about the echoes of these whispers in our own lives. Every episode is a mirror reflecting back the seeds of greatness tucked away within us all. Chris, with his infectious laugh and insightful questions, acts as a tour guide, helping us identify the words that guide our own paths.

This podcast is your invitation to embark on your own adventure. With each guest’s story, you’ll discover the power of a single word to ignite change. You’ll hear laughter and tears, feel the sting of defeat and the thrill of victory. Most importantly, you’ll be reminded that character isn’t built in boardrooms or conquered summits, it’s forged in the everyday choices we make, guided by the whispers of our own defining words.

So, join us on Character Talks. Let a single word be your passport to a thousand untold stories, and a map to the hidden hero waiting within you.

Remember, the greatest adventure often begins with just one word.

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