The Program is Simple, but the Impact is Powerful!

There is a certain joy that we feel when we embark on a new adventure or push ourselves outside of our “comfort” zone.  That feeling…that rush is only rivaled by the feeling of making a positive difference in the world by changing the life of someone or something.  In The Mill, you get to feel both of those!


While pursuing your adventures and living your life, you impact deserving non-profits who are doing amazing work as a portion of your monthly subscription goes directly to them.  In 2023, our focus is serving various animal rescues who do incredible work!  


As a member of The Mill Community you are making a difference in your own life and the life of others.  If you are organization that is involved with animal rescues and are interested in becoming a recipient of the Character Giving Program, please complete the application below and learn more.

Let us help you like we have helped these organizations!

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Let us help you make a difference!

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