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The Mill is the social media that we all want! Imagine social media without ads. A place where your data is never sold! A place where you can go to get inspired and inspire others every day.


An adventure to us is embarking on something where the outcome is uncertain. It could be learning to ballroom dance in your living room, cooking a new type of cuisine, or climbing Mt. Everest. Through our Character Partners program, we look for ways to remove the barriers to new experiences; our Character Partners represent a wide variety of adventures, and as a part of The Mill, they extend some great benefits to you


Living a life without regrets is incredible—and making a positive social change in the world satisfies a soul. Through Character Giving, we help change the future of non-profits that are making ripples and waves in our communities.


Our vision for The Mill looks far beyond today. We strive to support everyone in unlocking adventure and releasing regrets, all with a smile and respect for one another…but this is just the tip of the iceberg.


This is the cool part! We believe in lifting others up and sharing success, so for each person, you activate to The Mill, you get a commission paid to you monthly for as long as that person stays a member. You also earn the opportunity to be a leader on an upcoming Character Adventure somewhere in the world! Also, our Character Partners are always looking for great folks.

Let's Get Started!

STEP 1:  Submit an Application

To be a Character Builder, it is not all about your social media reach…although it helps. It is more important to have a true passion for making a difference in people’s lives…including your own.

STEP 2: Schedule an Interview

We really want to get to know who you are while also answering any of your questions. For this to work, we want to assist you in every way and provide all the tools you need to help us.


One thing that will make this community the best in the world is the collaborative effort of everyone. You know…many minds! This part of the process is learning more about the program and making sure it is a fit for you while asking questions.

STEP 4:  Create a Plan!

This is the fun part! Once you know more about The Mill, Character Giving, and the Character Partners, it is time to use YOUR creativity and passion to develop your unique plan to activate.

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