The Character Mill is a community-based platform that gives you the ability to share the adventures and experiences that have impacted your character, and spark a conversation with a community of impassioned people around the globe. Through this sharing, community members can relate, be inspired, find motivation, and glean a hunger for new adventures and experiences that they can bring to their life, too. We hope to provide every tool and opportunity for you to LIVE the life you have wanted to live …with no regrets, full of empathy and passion and an empowered challenge to get outside and take care of our environment.


The Character Mill Community is a “feel good” community-based on the sharing of stories, learning of new adventures and partnering with like-minded individuals and companies.

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The Character Mill also gives you access to Character Partners, which are a variety of product and service providers who recognize the way their businesses can support the character experiences others can have. These providers have agreed to offer community members the chance to participate or purchase at a discounted price. These partners are not advertisers or sponsors: they are like-minded people and businesses who want to link people up with experiences that can support their hopes and goals.

The Character Mill is also spearheading the Flat Box Project, which promotes the idea that maybe we don’t need to “think outside the box,” because maybe we aren’t stuck in a box to begin with; maybe there are no walls holding us in. Our goal with the Flat Box Project is to open character-building experiences to those who may not have the financial means, or who need an extra boost of support, care, and motivation. People may nominate themselves or someone they know by completing a simple application. Utilizing a percentage of all revenue from within The Character Mill and the experiences and skills of the community members, life-changing experiences will be constructed for each awarded participant.

Opportunities are endless when a community comes together to facilitate them!


Over the course of the last 35 years, I have zig-zagged across the country on more occasions than I care to remember.  During those travels, there have been a number of occasions where things have occurred that should have resulted in me not being on this planet!  I have dodged death on three specific occasions. From barely missing a moose wandering in the middle of the road, to going off the road on the Continental Divide in the middle of the winter …I can’t explain why I am still here.  However, it took hitting a guardrail at 75 miles an hour in Vt one winter morning that forced me to take a DEEP BREATH!  What really hit me was that it was the only guardrail in that area for miles. It was that very moment when I realized that I was put on this planet for a reason, and I needed to discover what that was.

Through a tremendous amount of soul searching, meditation, long hikes in the woods and over 60,000 miles a year behind the wheel of my car in the last year, I re-ignited a project that I had started over ten years earlier.  NOW, was the time for The Character Mill!  A place for people to share stories and experiences that have shaped their character.  Through sharing, a community of like-minded folks is created and when that happens only good things can come of it.  But that is just a piece of the pie…we also are going to instill passion for people to get outside and have more experiences.

Like anyone else, my story is fairly complicated when viewing it up close.  From the proverbial 20,00 ft…perhaps not so much!  Throughout my years wandering Mother Earth, I have been fortunate to meet a lot of great people who are responsible for impacting the lives of others (including mine!), worked in some amazing places, participated in fantastic adventures and, most importantly, worked with thousands of amazing young people in both athletic and business environments.  I emphasize the last part because I love to coach!  I love working with people and learning what makes them move every day!  Ultimately, I am supposed to be a teacher…but I love being outside too much!  A huge shoutout to all of the progressive, forward-thinking teachers out there…you truly are shaping the world!

I love adventure and being outside!  Mother Nature provides us with the most amazing playground!  Within the Community, we will also share opportunities for new adventures for both folks within the Community and those who may just need a helping hand regardless of their story!

The Character Mill, I hope, represents everything right about being human, being outside and doing for others!  I truly hope that you join me on this journey, participate in our adventures and cry with me as we do amazing things!

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