What Defines Who You Are?

Our characters are crafted by every experience and every interaction.

At the heart of this new platform is the desire to support people in stepping out of their comfort zones and experience new adventures, whatever that may look like for them; to take a fierce self-inventory of what their best life might look like, and then take small, actionable steps to achieve it—all while making a positive difference in the world!


The Mill is a platform that focuses on helping people lead their best lives while eliminating everything we dislike about social media; there are no ads and no selling of data. Only pure inspiration to live a life without regrets.



The New Social Media is Here

Character Walk 2023

A Walk for Paws and a Cause

During Character Walk 2023, we are partnering with seven different rescues along the route and doing something a little different. Money raised during the Walk (through sponsorships and donations) will be divided equally among participating rescues. These organizations represent the very best and the biggest hearts. They do amazing work but they always need our help. From cats and dogs to horses and more…the rescues in Character Walk 2023 have something for everyone.

“More of what you love about social media, and NONE of what you hate.”

Chris Christie, Founder


Only people like you and I know the true cost of a lack of purpose and the feeling of being overwhelmed. It’s not just an uncomfortable feeling or a matter of being confused. It’s a poison that touches every corner of your life. It’s with you when you wake up and hangs on you like a weight throughout the day or the burden that keeps you up at all hours of the night.

At work it stops you from sharing your ideas or pushing for the promotion you know you deserve. At home it keeps you from enjoying time with the family as the scripts of doubt continue to play in your mind. It stops you from living the life you want to live. It robs you of your happiness.

My lack of purpose held me back in all these ways and so many more. I had no vision for the life I wanted, but I knew I wanted to do something special. I knew I had value, that I could make a real difference. But, all of the things LIFE expected of me, or so I thought, clouded my vision and I could not move forward. But, I found a way to make the picture become crystal clear and incredible energy soon followed!


Together, let’s identify the incredible skills that you already have with you! Let’s dream a little and find YOUR purpose! The key to this is you are not tied to this for the rest of your life. It is a long and amazing life and things change. But, once you go through this once…you have the knowledge to apply it over and over again. Finally, let’s create a plan that produces the confidence that you are now in control of your life, moving in a purposeful direction and giving you the energy, fulfillment, and recognition you desire!


Whether you’re curious about app features, our community, or even press, we’re here to answer any questions.

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